History - About Our Founding Members

Mr.Ginu p. George

Education Is The Manifestation of  Perfection already In Man !!

Journey of Confluence has been a walk on the clouds . It has now touched the heart of many guardians and is growing year after year in each and every dimension which is needed by the student to touch the new horizons.

It”s a dear  delight to see the list achievements, which Confluence has in a Short span of eight years. Right from Academic excellence to sports and other arenas Confluence is living up to its name and the expectations of the student community.

Confluence is committed to Quality Education, Global Standards and  overall development of the  student where  in East  Meets West without forgetting the  traditional and ethnic fabric  of our society . Failures  while learning are taught how to learn from their mistakes till they start winning and winning becomes a habit and way of their life.

Confluence  believes in providing education which aims at carving future professionals with leadership traits and motivated enough to lead from the fron and  motivate others by setting up personal examples. The journey has definitely begun and we make a commitment that we will strive for excellence.

The secret  Of Success is Contancy  Of  Purpose.