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Start your career with Confluence college of Higher Education.Affiliated to Hemchand Yadav Vishwavidyalaya, Durg, C.G. never too early to plan for your goals.What can you do today to make sure you're ready for tomorrow?

Develop Career Awareness

Acquire Career Information

Identify Career Goals

Acquire Knowledge to Achieve Career Goals

Apply Skills to Achieve Career Goals

Start your career

Confluence College Of Higher Education is a great starting point. Identify your skills and interests and then explore some suitable careers that you may enjoy

Success your Future

Confluence College of Education gives you knowledge, it's what you do with that knowledge that determines success, life skills, communication, personality, opportunism, integrity determine success.

Great Confidence

Conlfuence College gives you to knowledge to build confidence in all the fields.Help to finding your paisson.finding the Right Path with Maintining your Motivation.

Finalize your skill

Confluence College Help to set Your goals and way to achieve them.And also help To find the path to a successful future through goal setting.Visualise your success and achieve your goals.

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History - About Our College

About Us

This is our confluencne college of higher.Education.Friends Shikshan Samiti(FSS) is Non profitable and Non -Political society and is focused on development and advancement ,diffusion of knowledgec amongest the different section  of society.This society is backed with people with professional track record in various walk of life .


"To Impart Knowledge  professionally and become a source  of Inspiration for stundent community"



TO provide quality education of international level for overall growth and all around  development and taking 

education beyond the wall of the classroom and book in the world to shape real leader,heroes and role models of  tommorrow TODAY

Confluence will offer academic  learning  with glitz,glamour and style.Innovative teaching methods  with  emphasis on practical and on ground  exposer,which frame  the mind set them up for exposer to the corporate world.

Create a healthy learning place for student and parents to invest for their  future .Confluence will offer a fair work environmenrt for all emlpoyess.